uniquely beautiful with turquoise and crystal clear waters

Makry Gialos beach

This beach is a large sandy beach that stretches for about 2 km along the village. The clear, shallow waters are ideal for young and old, as they are easily accessible. There are outdoor showers. Many tavernas, bars and cafes along the beach offer free use of their sunbeds if you order something. Makry Gialos Beach is perfect if you enjoy a very social beach experience, as it caters for tourists, it often has many people and it offers many food and drink options.

Kalamokania beach

To the west of the harbour is Kalamokania Beach, where the water is deeper. This beach, too, is sandy, with small pebbles at the end, and is served by the nearby cafés.

Achlia beach

Achlia Beach is a small sandy beach in the south of Crete on the way from Makry Gialos (7 km distance) to Ierapetra (15 km distance). It is located in a protected bay between two other beaches: the beaches of Mavros Kolimbos and Agia Fotia. From the highway you have to drive over a bit of a steep road to get there. Achlia Beach is surrounded on both sides by high cliffs and generally it is out of the wind. Although the beach is not very long, it is quite wide and it is a good beach. Beaches in this part of Crete tend to be relatively quiet. There are two tavernas on the beach and you can hire sunbeds and umbrellas.

Diaskari beach

Diaskari Beach was the site of a late Minoan city upon which archaeologists believe once stood a palace.

Uniquely this beach is both sandy and covered by an array of multi-coloured stones. It has deep aquamarine waters. In the months of May-October sunbeds, with or without cabanas and hammocks, are available for daily rental, and the beach has an outdoor shower for rinsing off. A small number of renovated old stone houses congregate behind the serene, open air taverna located at the west end of the beach.

The beaches of Koutsouras

Around the village of Koutsouras there are beaches with thick black sand or pebbles and calm waters. The main beach is in front of the old village, is well organized and is adjacent to the settlement. Along the beach there are many tamarisk trees where you can rest in the shade. If you want to visit an even more secluded beach nearby, a good solution is the small pebble beach next to the fishing boat port of the village (near the tiny forest of Apigania, about 1.5km to the west). Another beautiful beach is located 1km east of Koutsouras and is especially nice for children. The beach is called Koutsoureli after the nickname of a local that loved the area.

Agia Fotia beach

The tiny sandy bay of Agia Fotia is located in front of one of the most beautiful seaside settlements on the coasts of the Lybian Sea.

Its sand is really wonderful.

Lagada beach

Large, secluded, sandy beach with clear, deep waters and few people.

Lagada Beach welcomes nudists.